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A Brief History of Downeast Senior College

"Downeast" is one of the older senior colleges in the network, having been started in the summer of 1999 when Jim Clunan and some others who were "laying the foundation" for Acadia Senior College invited a group of people in Hancock, on the mainland opposite Mt. Desert Island, to join them. The original vector in the village of Hancock was the Hancock Woman's Club. After several months it became clear that the cultural and academic desires of the "Downeasters" were somewhat different from those of Mt. Desert Islanders' and the distances needed by some of our students to travel to and from "the Island" for activities were prohibitive for many. The Woman's Club had created the Hancock Community Center on Rte.1 and invited us to hold classes there
free of charge. (Later, for many reasons, some of our locations changed and we no longer meet in Hancock, ; we more often meet in Ellsworth.) Our umbrella organization is UMA ( the University of Maine at Augusta).

Hancock and other nearby small coastal towns/villages, and more and more lately Ellsworth as well, are prime retirement communities for people from Maine and from "away". Our experience-rich curriculum is based partly on astonishing newcomers as well as curious long-timers with cultural, geographical, natural and historical riches to be found hidden here in plain sight. We have discovered wonderful, joyful teachers, also "hidden in plain sight",  who have shared their life-long intellectual passions and favorite authors, fascinating collections, vocational  and organizational skills and creative gifts. Our Curriculum Committee is our pride and joy, and a lot of fun, too! (And you do not have to be "Creative" to be a star! In the right setting, we have found, good things just "happen").

Our Fall 2019 Brochure will be coming out the first week of August and offers courses, lectures and trip starting in September, October and November. Price is $25.00 for 2019 membership (if you don't have it already) as well as the price of the course or event, ranging from "free" to "$25"; field trips may charge more for transportation.
Upcoming this fall we have courses in Antiquing, visiting a local
Historical Society or Library collection,  Maine Literature from
several unique perspectives (all in one course), visiting a local
winery or brewery business, Aeronautics,including an airport visit,
two history courses, the History of the Blues (music) and the origins
of American Pop Culture in the mid-19th Century . Our favorite "Family
Games" expert is back with an exciting new roster, Memoir Writing is
in its 3rd semester (newcomers welcome) and we are taking you on a
brief free tour of Art in Plain Sight as well as our usual guided
hikes. And free lectures and more!


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